About Us


KoreanFashionStore.com established in 2013, we are a new emerging online retailer distributing a wide variety of fashion related goods including clothing, shoes, accessories, and will continue to add more lifestyle products to our expanding product line.

We keep a close eye on fashion trends in Asia and continue to post daily updates to seasonal fashion trends. You will always find the latest and hottest Korean fashion trends here.


Our mission is to provide our customers excellent customer support and easy access to the latest authentic Korean fashion and other lifestyle products from Asia.


With past experience in brick and mortar retailing and the wholesale industry we understand the importance of honest customer relationships. We are a business who takes care of our customers and our dedicated customer support team strives to provide the best shopping experience possible for you.


The majority of our products are made in Korea and about 3% of our product line are made in other parts of Asia. We only sell high quality products at the most affordable prices.



If you have any questions please Contact Us.